MYP PARENT COFFEE 1 (S.Y. 2022 - 2023) 

The Middle Years Programme (Candidate School) of Chiang Kai Shek College held its first virtual parent coffee for school year 2022-2023 on July 30, Saturday. 

The program focused on the discussion of the MYP language policy, the personal project, and the use of Managebac.

Ms. Lyra Felix and Ms. Neysa Llabore talked about the language policy, language requirements upon admission, minimum proficiency levels and maximum residency in each of the languages taught in the program and the proceedings involved in the promotion, transition, integration, after school support implementation, and the mother tongue support initiated by the school. 

Following this was Ms. Johanna Salazar’s discussion of grade 10 students’ personal project- its components, goals, process, report, exhibition, and expected timeline. 

Lastly, Mr. John Paul Sy provided a short workshop on the use and navigation of the different features and parts of Managebac. Ms. Shirley Ching and Ms. Erica Chua served as the event’s translators. 

The gathering aimed to strengthen the MYP parents’ involvement in their children’s learning, keep them informed of the MYP policies and essentials, and help them support their children’s learning journey. More parent coffees will be held in the coming months to facilitate the discussion of more topics! 

Check out the parent coffee video recording here!