MYPX 2023

The Personal Project Exhibition 2023 was deemed a great success!

The year-long preparation, hard work, and perseverance of the IB Middle Years Programme Grade 10 students of Chiang Kai Shek College paid off after a successful live personal project exhibition on March 17, 2023.

Through the process of inquiry, action and reflection, the personal project served as an avenue for the students to apply and further develop their ATL skills and embody the learner profile attributes to meet their learning and product goals in the IB.

The culminating event showcased the students' personal project journey and final outputs in the college auditorium with a live telecast for distinguished visitors from Okinawa International School, Japan and Taipei Kuei Shan School, Taiwan.

The MYP students were guided by their personal project supervisors under the leadership of the PP coordinator, Miss Johanna Salazar.

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